Who Are Day Traders? Day Trading For Beginners

Day Traders are individuals who spend short amounts of time, while achieving a full days pay.  Any way you slice it, everyone is a trader.  Whether you trade your time for a paycheck, or risk for reward, finding the most efficient ways to trade is the key to obtaining financial freedom.

After College:  

After graduating from Westminster College, I was fortunate enough to get hired by a Fortune 500 company.  The Boeing Company hired me as a Procurement Agent, where I was responsible for buying explosives for several Weapons & Missile System programs, while negotiating maximum savings.  My starting salary, out of college, was roughly, $50,000 a year.  I will be forever grateful for lessons learned in corporate culture, negotiations, leadership, teamwork, and the endless amounts of relationships I built over the years.  However, I quickly calculated how much I was paid on a daily basis.

$50,000/12 months =$4,166.67 a month

$4,166.67/4 weeks in a month=$1,041.67 a week

$1,041.67/5 workdays a week=$208.33 a day

For the record, this is by no means a complaint. Again, I am forever grateful for my experiences at The Boeing Company.  Once I left the corporate life, I began thinking of easier ways to make $200, a day, while trading less than 8 hours of my time.

Day Trading:

I had been, “trading” since my early college days.  After I left The Boeing Company, I started focusing on my day trading abilities. Of course, there were learning curves (which were extremely expensive), but I ultimately found a strategy which did not require significant capital.

Since then, day trading has provided me an avenue to make an 8-hour paycheck, in less than 30 minutes. (See some of these examples on my YouTube Channel).

In an effort for students to skip the learning curve, I created a video based, educational course for beginner day traders.  This course is designed to help individuals learn how to trade, while appropriately managing their risk.  I understand this topic may seem overwhelming, which is why I am always available for questions or clarifications.

I hope to see you in there!

Day trading can be difficult and is not for the weak.  Do you have what it takes?