The Stock Market Is Merely A Game

The stock market is merely a game. Think of the stock market like baseball, but the pitcher is in the MLB, & your .200 high school batting average is up to bat. Without the appropriate knowledge, preparation & practice you are expected to lose.

In the stock market, there is no minor league, high school didn’t cover the material & college only scratched the surface. Retail traders, or investors, are expected to lose.

This formidable challenge is why I devote so much time, and effort, into being successful.  The personal gratification of winning a game, I’m expected to lose, is the most rewarding.  In addition, I am compensated each time I win. Inversely, I am punished each time I lose.  However, each loss comes with an opportunity to learn & become a more successful trader.

Learning To Day Trade

Although trading is merely a game, winning takes intense practice and preparation.  If you are interested in learning how to day trade, or are struggling with your current trades, I highly encourage you to checkout my stock & options trading course.  This course is beginner friendly, which covers a variety of topics including; how to open a trading account, psychology of a winning strategy, technical analysis & much more.  After the course is completed, you will find live trade examples which demonstrate the material covered in the course during real trades.

In addition, we have a private chat group community where our members help each other succeed, on a daily basis.  We discuss market updates, companies of interest and trading levels.

*Unless you are an experienced trader, it is encouraged (but not required) to complete the trading course, prior to joining the chat group.*

If you would like to view day trade examples, please checkout our YouTube Channel!

Remember, the stock market is merely a game.  Think you can win?

Happy Trading.