Bearish Territory & The Stock Market

My last blog post was written on Sunday, February 23rd, 2020.  In that particular post, I discussed how to profit from a bear market.  As of today, the stock market has officially entered bearish territory.  Please see the picture, below (click to enlarge).  The blue arrow indicates the morning after my blog post.


Bearish Territory!


If you think the article topic was randomly selected, think again.  We smelled blood in the water and have continued to capitalize from it.   Please refer to my, trade recap, YouTube video describing how we made 130% ON ONE TRADE, while all major indices fell.

What Were The Signs Of Reversal Into Bearish Territory?

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we were in the longest bull market of the history of the stock market.  The stock market was bound for a correction, but when would it happen?  As stated above, we smelled blood in the water. Apparently, it was enough blood to enter bearish territory.  Did we have any special insight on the market?  Of course not, but we do have access to a few tools which helped us determine market direction.  Those tools include being able to accurately read candlestick patterns and reading the prints.  For those who are not familiar with, “prints”. Prints are time of sales.  While watching the time of sales, we are able to follow the clues to help us determine how the, “smart money” was acting.  Whether us retail investors like it or not, the big players (smart money) usually win (banks, hedge funds. ect.)

How To Learn:

In this particular type of market, buy and hold strategies get crushed…

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