About Us

Welcome to Slater Trades! My name is Anthony, or AT. I am a happily married, 30-year-old, self-taught stock & options trader with nearly 11 years of trading experience.  I’m here to help you achieve your financial goals, while utilizing the same strategies I’ve executed over the years. 


I use trading as an additional revenue stream.  Whether you want to obtain total financial freedom or make additional money on the side, this course is for you. 


As a self-taught trader, the stock market has been an extremely expensive learning experience. Fortunately, this course provides the opportunity to skip the trial and error stages of investing and obtain a true understanding of how stocks & options move, on a daily basis. 


Originally, stocks were my focus of investing.  Over time, I realized I can utilize the same technical analysis, risk less capital & obtain a greater profit, all in a shorter period of time, while trading options. 


Stocks are still an instrumental part of my overall strategy, but options provide a daily source of income.


If you feel the FOREX is the only opportunity for small capital trading, let me teach you how to trade mainstream companies on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) & NASDAQ.


I’m honored to be able to teach individuals how to become better traders, more consistent traders, and more profitable traders.  I look forward to helping you obtain greater success, financial independence, & reach your financial goals. 


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